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Redesign of hOur Analysis cloud based software to improve usability and increase onboarding conversions

Website Design Tipperary Mobile Website

Project Overview

hOurAnalysis provides a cloud-based integrated project and time analysis system to help business owners/managers to make better decisions about their project-delivery employees and ultimately their business. The existing Software delivered fast results and presented key statistics to its user but lacks a user friendly design system. I worked with the hOur Analysis team to redesign the existing software and inject a more user friendly approach throughout. This included research on similar applications, user flows and flow chats to improve the user journey, wireframing for new screen layouts and full design system including colour, typography and button styles.


Explore the project by understanding your problem and determining your goals.

Website Design Tipperary Mobile Website


Collect the data, research your target users and market sector for product viability.

Website Design Tipperary Mobile Website


Create concepts and analyze through workshopping and mind mapping user journeys.

Website Design Tipperary Mobile Website


Identify designs through sketches, wireframes, prototypes and design systems.

Website Design Tipperary Mobile Website


Product testing through usability testing, heat mapping and A/B testing.

Website Design Tipperary Mobile Website

Design Process

UX Research
UI Redesign
Desktop App
Branding Design
Logo Design
Website Design

Project Challenges

  • hOur Analysis has an efficient background system with fast loading speeds.

  • A redesign of the existing system must not decrease performance time for the user but allow them to navigate through the app using a thought driven system.

  • Would lean UI design system improve the usability of the software?

  • How would we increase productivity for the user while allowing them to view all

  • desired results with ease?

  • Improve conversion rates and increase user sign ups through a more user friendly design approach.

Who are the users?

hOur Analysis is a cloud based application that is designed to increase project speed, manage time more efficiently and effectively track all instances of your projects. This system is created for construction and engineering companies who manage projects and employees and work on a time vs cost basis. After our redesign, managers can now view every instance of their project and track time and budget with ease. Employees can accept tasks directly on their phone and upload timesheets and issues directly through the app.
Users now have to ability to have full control over every aspect of their project, down to the minute, saving time and increasing revenue.

User 1

“We really like the speed of the software. The results after filtering items show up really fast, however, the usability is a really issue when navigation through project screens.”

User 2

“I found it difficult to find my way from the main screen to my search results. I got confused by the icons and would suggest they be more clear with the inclusion of text.”

User 3

“I found it hard navigating through from project screen to upload screens. I wanted to upload a timesheet but took longer than expected to get to the right screen.”

Website Design Tipperary Mobile Website
Website Design Tipperary Mobile Website

Simplified user experience with task view and timesheet upload forms directly on the mobile app

Website Design Tipperary Mobile Website

Sales funnel website with targeted onboarding design

Website Design Tipperary Mobile Website

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