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Your All-in-One Operations & Team Management Application

A complete mobile-first solution to easily manage business operations, improve team communications and increase safety all without the need for extensive training or upskilling. 

Improved Operations
= Increased Efficiency & Revenue

Struggling to track time and manage your team?

We help you to easily track employee time through automated time tracking and geo-location clock in features. Our job scheduling helps you to manage daily jobs, set tasks in seconds and keep your projects on time and under budget. 

Spending hours uploading timesheets and calculating pay? 

Our automated time tracking and timesheet reports help you to easily manage employee hours and with custom hourly rates, we make it easy for you to manage pay, saving you more time every week to focus on your business growth and employee wellbeing. 

Wasting time managing and recording outdated safety forms?

From safety and incident reports to standard safety and regulatory forms, our digital forms are custom to your business to keep you on track with your safety on-site. Remove the need for outdated, time consuming safety forms and lower contact time with our digital forms.

Complete Operations Control
at Your Fingertips

Time Clock with Automated Timesheets and Reporting
Job Scheduling with Instant Task Creation and Employee Notifications
Digital Forms with Automated Reporting and Instant Notifications

Improve Business Operations

From time tracking to job scheduling and quick tasks, you can easily manage your on-site employees for increased efficiency. The Connecteam application offers full control over your daily tasks and safety compliance through digital forms that are custom to your business.  

Remove Time Consuming Tasks and Improve Team Management without Extensive Training and Onboarding.

Communicate, Manage & Engage with Your Team

Is team communication slow and irritating?

Instantly reach the right person or group with ease using private business chat features and instant push notifications. Make it easy to share latest company, project or important industry news with your team or a specific group.

Do you rely on emails and spend hours waiting for a reply?

Send messages just like your well-known messaging apps in a private and secure business chat and see who read your important posts to ensure your message gets across. Set quick tasks and push notifications to make sure all communications get seen when needed. 

Is it confusing to know who to contact for certain questions?

Custom company directories and personal profiles allow you to contact the right person. Smart groups and custom directories mean you can allocate the right people to the right groups so no questions go unanswered and the right person is on the right job. 

Work Contacts & Communications
for Improved Engagement

Share Instant Updates with Your Company or Specific Individuals or Groups
Chat with Your Team, Your Project Group or a Member of Your Workforce
Custom Company Directories Let You Find and Contact the Right Person

Easily On-Board & Manage Employees & Documentation

Is Onboarding New Employees Time Consuming and Frustrating?

Easily onboard new employees by allowing up to set them up on your custom Connecteam Business Application. Each profile helps you to track important documentation, employee timelines and training, helping to streamline your workload and increase productivity. 

Do You Find It Difficult to Track Employee Progress? 

Custom employee timelines allow you to track progress for each employee to make sure every employee is performing for your business. This includes time-off management and automated reporting, allowing you to easily manage employee growth within your business. 

Does business documentation take up far too much time?

Digitising your business documentation allows you to easily gather, organise, and store all employee documentation in one secure location. Ensure compliance by setting document expiration dates and allowing staff to easily upload documentation directly from their phone. 

Increase Communications and Streamline Team Management While Lowering Your Workload

Increased Business Communcations

Easily communicate and keep your team engaged without replying on emails or newletters. Our partnership with Connecteam means you can stay in control of your communications to make sure your team never miss another project update or latest industry news. 

Optimise Your HR to Increase Productivity & Employee Management

Track Employee Growth and Manage Time Off With Ease
Digitise Your Documentation and Set Expiry Dates to Improve Compliance
Increase Onboarding Efficiency and Win Back Time

Manage Employees & Documentation

Take control over employee onboarding and people management all while streamlining efficiency and simplifying processes. We help you to easily manage your team from developing custom profiles and groups on the Connecteam application to setting expiry dates on important documents. Easily manage employee growth and track time off with our custom solution to help you get more time back and save countless hours during daily admin. 

Save More Time Every Week, Simplify Onboarding and Easily Manage Employee and Business Groups

Enhance Your Construction Operations with Digital Safety Forms.

Our partnership with Connecteam comes at the perfect time to help you take control over your on-site health and safety. Custom developed digital safety forms, incident reports and automated reporting can help you to take your time back and focus on more important day to day safety management. 

Streamline Your Construction Project Processes & Team Management

Are you a health and safety manager or project manager that is struggling to easily manage day-to-day tasks? Are you spending too much time traveling between sites when you could be completing more important tasks? Our digital solutions are here to simplify and streamline your day-to-day tasks to save time and improve efficiency.

Ensure Safety & Compliance Without Extensive Training or IT Knowledge

Our partnership with Connecteam offers more than just digitised safety forms. With advanced features to ensure safety and compliance, this innovative tool helps to streamline your team's workflow, improve productivity, and reduce risk. All this without the need for extensive training and IT knowledge.

Enter Your Information & Let Us Contact You!

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