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How to Transition into UX Design in Ireland

UX Design Learning Curves, Processes, and Courses available to make the transition into UX design in Ireland

Ux Design Ireland

Making the decision to become a UX designer is a big one. It’s a career that can take you all over the world, working with different teams in different industries. But where do you start? How do you make sure that you get the best training and make the smoothest transition into this fascinating and ever-growing field? There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to making the switch into UX design. However, by exploring the various learning curves, processes, courses, and Bootcamps available in Ireland, you can make an informed decision about which transition path is right for you.

What is UX design?

UX design is all about creating products that provide a great user experience. This can be anything from a website to a software application, and everything in between. UX designers need to have a solid understanding of web design and user interface guidelines, as well as how to create effective design systems using best practices. They also need to be good at research, so they can understand the needs of users and figure out what will work best for them. UX design is a complex process, but the end result is worth it when users are able to easily use the product and get the most out of it. One thing to take into consideration is that your process will constantly change and evolve depending on the project you are working on. There are no one-size fits all when it comes to design processes as there are time, budget and scope constraints that come with all projects. Your job is to get the best product experience for your users.

Ux design process and user journey mapping
UX Design Processes - User Journey Mapping

The UX process

A UX design process has a framework that commonly looks like to this; Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, test and repeat. However, within this process there are a many more objectives to consider and they may change depending on what product or user goals. Having a strong UX design process is key to developing great products but your process should be able to adapt to the needs of business goals and objectives.

Why is research important in UX design?

Using research is a great way to try to understand the problems are existing within the market and the business and user goals you are trying to achieve. User research is a field of UX design that helps designers to understand the wants, needs, and experiences of their users. By conducting UX research, designers can obtain insights that help them to design products that are more user-friendly and relevant to their target market. There are many different UX research methods, but some of the most common include interviews, surveys, focus groups, and usability testing. User research is an essential part of the UX design process, as it helps designers to make informed decisions about the products they are creating. Without UX research, it would be difficult to create user personas or understand how users interact with products. Ultimately, UX research helps to improve the quality of UX design and make sure that products meet the needs of their users.

Figma for UX Design

Knowing how to use Figma does not make you an expert

When you get started with UX design you will undoubtedly be learning design tools such as Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD, and while it is important to know these tools, they are just that, tools! Now don't get me wrong, Figma is an amazing software for UX Designers and knowing how to use the software is great but it’s not the most important part of UX Design. What is at the core of UX design is understanding business and user problems, breaking them down to be able to find effective solutions that improve the market. Your job is not just to design visually appealing UI but to create products that improve the lives of others.

How to get started in UX design?

So where do you go to get started in UX design? The first bit of advice is to go check out free resources and groups, talk to UX designers and pick their brains about UX design. There are great UX design groups in Ireland such as Cork UX and Dublin UX on Meet-up but if you are not comfortable joining larger groups then maybe look to LinkedIn. You will find some amazing UX mentors that are available to talk you through the processes and what is needed to get you started in UX design.

UX Design Groups in Ireland

Another way to get started is upskilling and enrolling in a course or Bootcamp. As you've probably seen there are countless courses and Bootcamps to go for, but can they all guarantee you results to find your first UX design job? Below are some of the best places in Ireland to learn UX and start your career in UX design.

UX Design College Courses In Ireland

  • UX Design Institute - 6-month accredited course to build your UX career with a globally recognized, industry-approved qualification. €2,950

  • Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design + Technology - 2-year part-time post graduate diploma in User Experience Design - 3,500 per year

  • University College Dublin (via Springboard) - Professional Diploma in UX Design - 1 year part-time funded course - 90% funding available from €800

UX Design Bootcamps

  • Career Foundry - Online 10-month UX Design Bootcamp course - €6,175

  • Springboard - Online 6-month UX Design Bootcamp course - €7,475

  • Memorisely - Online part-time 10-week Bootcamp course - €3,265

  • Interaction Design - Online part-time 12-week Bootcamp course - €2,830

While all have their benefits and depending on your budget and your timeline it really depends on what is most suitable to you. Start with the free resource to get started. Check out some free UX design course and tutorials on YouTube to see if UX design is for you. You may find that some parts suit you while others don’t, and this could really help to define what path you want to go down. You may find yourself enjoying the research side of UX design and want to become a UX researcher or maybe you enjoy the visual design side of UX design so want to explore UI design related positions. Either way, UX design is a great field to be in. UX design is a very rewarding and hands on field that is constantly evolving and growing with today’s technology. UX design has some great benefits such as remote work, high pay, and good career progression.

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