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Responsive application design of a financial tracking application with integrated payment system

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Project Overview

Fundi case study is a fully fledge financial tracking app with some great features. Keep all your personal or business finances all in one place with Fundi’s MasterCard, PayPal and Revolut integration. Set daily and weekly budgets with a click of a button and transfer money with Fundi’s easy-transfer worldwide to friends and family.


Explore the project by understanding your problem and determining your goals.

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Collect the data, research your target users and market sector for product viability.

Web Design Tipperary Full Circle Design


Create concepts and analyze through workshopping and mind mapping user journeys.

Web Design Tipperary Full Circle Design


Identify designs through sketches, wireframes, prototypes and design systems.

Web Design Tipperary Full Circle Design


Product testing through usability testing, heat mapping and A/B testing.

Web Design Tipperary Full Circle Design

Design Process

UX Research
UI Redesign
Desktop App
Branding Design
Logo Design
Website Design

Project Challenges

  • Apply a lean usable design system that creates a thoughtless user experience.

  • Allow for Log In on all devices and create a responsive layout to increase user potential.

  • Users would like to use Fundi to track and manage their money by setting weekly and monthly spending limits.

  • Integrate a payment system through Pay Pal and Revolut payment systems for easy money transferring between accounts.

  • Users must be able to access all card information with ease.

Who are the users?

Fundi is a global application for anyone who wants to keep track of their finances. Fundi is a personal financial tracking app that allows users to identify over spending, track daily, weekly or monthly expenses and provides users with easy money transferring. The main target users of this application would be young adults looking to take control of their spending, account for money loss and provide with an safe place to help save for the more important things in life.

User 1

"I sometimes forget how much I spend and lose track of my budget completely. I also find it difficult to transfer and track my student rent costs."

User 2

"I find it difficult to transfer and receive money from my family. I cannot track what I send as much as I would like too."

User 3

"Limiting myself to a weekly budget is hard when I have no way of viewing my current spending."

Mobile Web Design Tipperary Full Circle Design
Mobile Web Design Tipperary Full Circle Design

Financial Applications store a large amount of important information. To safely protect your information we created a secure 3 factor log in process.

Mobile Web Design Tipperary Full Circle Design

Fundi features a money management system and budget limit to track every cent you spend.

Mobile Web Design Tipperary Full Circle Design

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A completed survey with potential users ages 21-32 in Ireland showing the following results;

64% of potential user tested do not currently track their spending but would be interested in doing so with Fundi.

16% of potential users do track their spending but feel their current provider could be improved.

10% of users track their spending and are happy their current provider.

10% of potential users do not track their current spending and have no interest in doing so.

User Research

User research indicates the average age criteria for financial tracking application and software varies from 21 - 46 years old while the main users are aged from 24 - 32. This stems from Users entering the workforce and looking to save for larger purchases such a mortgage. Research shows main users are based in Asia Pacific and North America with a large potential for growth in Europe.

Market Indicators

The financial applications market is on a steady rise with an CAGR of 7.89% from 2020 to 2025. The fastest growing market is Asia Pacific with the average age of users being between 24 - 32.
The financial services application market was valued at $103.99 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $164 billion by 2025. This markets main criteria for growth is based around cost and time efficiency where users look to monitor and improve financial performance.

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