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Workshop - Facilitation

(Noun) “A problem solving and decision making expert that can guide a team through a structured step-by-step process that ensures a solid result.”

Who is it for?

Woskshopping/ facilitation is for any business or enterprise facing a set of challenges that need to be addresses.

Employees in a company setting can spend up to 90% of their time on Busy work, responding to and following up on unnecessary meetings, followed by bad planning with no actionable outcomes.

Full Circle Design facilitate meetings and focus on your core issues/problems to help you find solutions faster. We bring your team together, brainstorming and discussing steps to move forward. Removing any bias by sharing anonymously. This takes away a bias team members may have towards a certain solution and allows all participants an equal playing field using the 4C’s Framework.


We collect information and discover the problems you are facing.


We chose and prioritize the problem we can address.


We create an effective plan that can address your issue.


We set actionable goals that allow you to commit to a solution. 

Workshop facilitation
(1 day - 1 week)

Identify your key issues

Provide facilitation to
achieve actionable results

Create actionable solutions for each issue

Create a commitment for your team goals

Want us to host your next workshop?
We can help find a solution to your problems!

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