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Lessons from 3 Years of Running a Web Design and SEO Business

After 3 years of running Full Circle Design and over 7 years in the design industry, this is what I’ve learned (so far).

Aaron Cowan, owner of Full Circle Design Website Design and SEO Agency

Design for Your customers

Want the best results for your business? Design for your customers, not your management team or your investors.

Sell Through Emotions

Sales work best when you are truly solving a problem and connecting with emotion. Using emotion to sell will give you the best ROI.

Build a Community

Building a community or connecting with other similar business owners, and like-minded people is a necessary way to scale your business and reach new circles.

Invest in UX

User Experience is vital. Vital in your app, your website, your social media, your ad campaign and even your print advertising. The best products are the ones with the best UX and UI.

Long Term Strategies for Better ROI

Think long term. When writing content, developing blog posts or your next 10-step guide to whatever, think “How will this help my customer in 12 months?”.

Delivery Real Results

Providing real measurable results is part of your solution. Service providers like designers, SEOs, social media managers or any service agency are being paid to deliver tangible results that help grow their client’s businesses.

Be Honest

Every year I see new freelancers or agencies popping up with the same slogans, “We can 10x your company growth with [insert service here]”. The truth is they can’t, that’s just something they’ve learned to say from the Udemy course they just completed. Be honest with your customers, and build trust by providing a great service that truly helps their business.

There is probably a lot I am missing here but that’s enough writing for today. If there is anything you think should be included, include it in the comments below to help other new business owners and service providers.


If you are interested in working with a Digital Design agency who are committed to providing real results for your business with over 7 years of experience developing high performing websites and growing your brand online through SEO - Get in touch with us today!

Thank you from Full Circle Design Agency



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