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Latest Google Updates and What it Means for Website's SEO

Here at Full Circle Design, we work hard to make sure our clients and our online audience are up to date on the latest industry changes and news. We do this so you get the best advice and service month after month. Since Google's Core Update in March 2024, there have been some significant changes in the Website and SEO landscape. Below is everything you need to know and how it may affect your business in Ireland and the UK.

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What You Need to Know for the March 2024 Core Update

Google’s core updates are designed to improve the overall quality of search results. The March 2024 update, completed on April 19, focuses on rewarding high-quality content while reducing the visibility of unhelpful content. This update has had a noticeable impact, particularly benefiting websites in the e-commerce and education sectors.

Since this update, we have recorded several business websites using AI content that have taken a big hit in website traffic. As mentioned above, this update rewards high-quality content but just as importantly reduces visibility around unhelpful content. The good thing for our SEO clients is that we have always focused on high-quality, helpful and informative content creation so we have seen very little decreases in website traffic.

To put it simply, good content will always prevail!

Key Changes in the Update

We have listed some key changes below that may be beneficial to you. These are high-level changes but we would always recommend you do your own research or speak to us before implementing a new SEO or content strategy.

  1. Focus on Quality Content: Google continues to emphasise high-quality, user-focused content. Websites that provide valuable, relevant, and well-structured content are seeing visibility boosts.

  2. Integration of Helpful Content Systems: Elements from previous updates focusing on helpful content are now part of the core algorithm, enhancing Google's ability to filter out low-quality content.

  3. AI-Powered Search Enhancements: With the integration of AI, search results are becoming more precise and contextually relevant. This is mainly due to Google's Gemini-powered AI search results which you may have recently noticed.

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How Does this Affect Your Website?

As always, we try to minimise impact by developing a strong SEO strategy and updating this strategy when needed. There are some SEO implications such as content development updates, AI integrations and user experience factors that should be considered when developing a solid SEO strategy for your website and online presence.

Developing High-Quality Content

If your website’s content is well-researched, informative, and tailored to your audience’s needs, you’re likely to see positive changes in your search rankings. On the flip side, sites with thin or unhelpful content may see a decline. Every 3 months, make sure to review your website content and look for any suitable changes or updates to keep your content relevant and helpful for your customers.

Can AI Read Your Content?

Now that Google's Gemini is integrated into search results, it is important to write content that is easy for AI models to crawl and understand. This AI-powered feature helps Google understand content better, making it crucial for websites to have clear, structured, and relevant information. Ensuring your website’s content is easy for AI to interpret can improve your search visibility. Try not to use slang or unfamiliar wording when developing your content. Remember to be as informative and helpful as possible.

How Good is Your User Experience?

These latest updates also highlight the importance of a seamless and well-structured user experience. Websites that load quickly, are mobile-friendly, and provide easy navigation are likely to perform better in search rankings. Put yourself in your customer's shoes and think about how they might use your website, what information is important to them and how you can develop an easy-to-navigate website that will not only improve your user experience but also positively impact your SEO performance.

Optimise your Google Business Profile and Local SEO

If you operate a local business and want to target local audiences on Google or even Google Maps it is important to think about a local SEO strategy. These updates place a strong focus on high-quality and helpful content for your website but this is also something that can transfer into your local SEO strategy.

We have found that the majority of businesses in Ireland and the UK underutilise their Google Business Profile. Ensuring your Google Business Profile is optimised and that your business information is consistent across online directories can enhance your local search visibility.

Creating high-quality content around your business products and services directly on your Google Business Profile not only helps Google to recognise your business more easily but also increases your search results and website authority.

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The Top 4 Practical Steps to Improve Your SEO

  1. Audit Your Content: Review your website’s content to ensure it meets high-quality standards. Remove or update any outdated or irrelevant information and look for any keyword gaps where you can develop new content.

  2. Focus on User Intent: Create content that answers the questions and needs of your audience. Use tools like Google Analytics to understand what your visitors are looking for and develop helpful content to not only increase searchability but also increase trust with customers.

  3. Optimise for AI: Make sure your content is structured and uses clear headings, bullet points, and relevant keywords. This helps AI systems understand and rank your content better and improve your search engine rankings.

  4. Update your Website Regularly: Keep your website updated with informative, relevant content. Regularly adding new blog posts, latest business and industry news and updates can tell Google that your site is active and valuable and will help increase search results and website authority.


How Full Circle Design Can Help

We hope that you were able to come away with some high-value and helpful information from this guide. However, if you find everything above to be overwhelming and scary, we can help.

At Full Circle Design, we specialise in creating high-performing websites and effective SEO strategies tailored to your business needs. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest industry changes to provide you with the best possible service available to grow your business in Ireland and the UK.

But Why Choose Us?

Our experience helps us to understand everything needed around SEO and web design so we can offer you the perfect solution to grow your business online. We understand your goals and requirements to help you develop effective customised solutions to meet the unique needs of your business, helping you attract more customers and grow your online presence.

And to top it off, we are trusted by some of the best small businesses in Ireland and our reviews speak for themselves. We work hard to make sure your online business gets the care and attention it deserves, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.


How Can We Help Your Business Today?

We understand how important your business is and how important your time can be. We want to help you to grow your business online, get more customers onto your website and increase your sales. To do this, we are currently offering a free Website and SEO audit for your business. Just click the button below to get yours today.

Aaron Cowan, owner of web design and SEO company, Full Circle Design



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