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Understanding the Costs & Time Involved in Professional Website Design in Ireland

At Full Circle Design, the main question we receive from clients are around costs and the time involved to design and develop their perfect website. Costs are obviously very important for small businesses in Ireland and we always aim to develop high-performing websites that provide a great return on investment. To help make informed decisions for our clients, we’ve put together answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our web design and SEO services.

How much does a website cost in Ireland

How Much is a Professionally Designed Website in Ireland?

The cost of a professionally designed website in Ireland can vary depending on numerous factors, including the complexity of the design, the number of pages, and the specific features or development required. You can expect to pay anywhere from €2,000 to €20,000 for a professionally designed website but realistically, if you are designing a standard 5 page website you are looking in the range of €3,000 to €5,000 . A website that features a homepage, about page, services or product page and a contact page would fall within this range but as mentioned, this can change depending on several factors.

At Full Circle Design, we do our best to develop websites that are easy to manage and update so our clients aren't required to pay thousands in website management fees once the website is live. We develop a custom CMS (content management system) that allows for new pages to be created and updated directly through a spreadsheet which means our clients don't need previous design or development experience. This does take longer in the set-up but can save thousands in the long run.

How Much is a Professionally Designed Website in Ireland

How Many Hours Does It Take to Design a Website?

The time taken to design and website can vary. Similar to the cost, it really depends on the size of the website and what's required. For example, we generally estimate a standard website project to take around 2 months as we work with our clients to ensure we provide the best result for their investment. Saying this, sometimes it can take longer or shorter depending on the clients involvement. If we receive all content needed for the site it can take up to a little as 2 weeks but every now and again website projects can take months if not years to complete.

We have include a rough time estimate per website design and development project;

  1. Landing page only website - 1 week

  2. Standard 3 page website (homepage, about and contact page) 1 - 2 weeks

  3. Complete website project (including homepage, about, contact, services, products) 1 - 2 months

  4. Large scale website (over 15 website pages) 2 - 3 months

  5. Basic E-Commerce website 2 - 3 months

  6. Standard E-Commerce website 3 - 6 months

  7. Large E-Commerce website - 6 months - 1 year

Again, these timelines can massively vary depending on the work required to develop a high-performing website for your business. We would always recommend to speak with your design agency about the project timeline as they would be in a position to provide a detailed timeline.

How long does it take to design a website

Can You Design a Website for Free?

Of course! There are many different website platforms that you can use to build your own website for free. You could use Wix and Wix Studio to build your own website but without prior knowledge this is not an easy task.

While there are other platforms like WordPress, Squarespace and even Framer that allow you to create a website for free, these options often come with limitations. Free website builders usually offer basic features or can be very template driven. When starting out and if your budget is tight, designing your own website is a great place to start but it depends on your technical ability and of course your time. Are you willing to invest your own time to design a website? Time that could be used to get customers for your business or to focus on other areas of building your business.

For a professional, fully customised website that represents your brand effectively and performs well in search engines, investing in professional web design services in Ireland is highly recommended. Working with a digital design agency means you are working with professionals that have experience designing and developing websites for businesses like yours. In addition, a design agency bases their design on your customers and research around your industry to make sure your website is fully SEO optimised so your business can show up for your customers online.

Can You Design a Website for Free?

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website for a Small Business in Ireland?

If you are a small business in Ireland you can look to design your own website but based on many previous experiences, you will end up with more problems and it could cost you more in the long run.

As we mentioned above, the cost to build any website can vary. A website for a small business really depends on the type of website but as standard our websites can cost anywhere from €3,000 to €6,000 and for websites that require more robust functionality, additional plugins or custom features, this price can increase up to €9,000 +.

A basic website with essential features like a contact form, service pages, and a blog will be on the lower end of the spectrum. More advanced websites with custom design elements, e-commerce capabilities, and SEO optimisation will be on the higher end but we would always recommend to discuss your project with a professional design agency who can help you understand everything required to design and develop the website you need to support your business.

If you do want to design and website for your business or you are looking to redesign an existing website, feel free to get in touch with us to see how we can help you. You can book a free consultation by click the button at the end of this post.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website for a Small Business in Ireland

Working with a Professional Digital Design Agency

to build your perfect, high-performing website for your business in Ireland

It's 2024, people are looking for your business online. Even if you're not looking to get more customers, a website helps to make your business stand out above your competition, improve credibility for your business or even to help you sell your business to potential buyers.

Investing in a professionally designed website is vital to establish a strong online presence for your business. While the costs and timelines can vary, the benefits of having a well-designed, functional, and SEO driven website are invaluable.


If you are ready to commit to improve your online business, get in touch with us today and book a complimentary consultation with us today by clicking the button below.


full circle design helping to improve websites and seo in Ireland



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